Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cleaning Paste - #@$% Glass-top Stove

One of my favorite Norwex products is the Cleaning Paste.  Prior to attending my first Norwex party, I had given up on cleaning my flat-top stove.  It frustrated me to no end.  I had tried the creamy cleaning stuff that came with it.  I poured it on thick so it would stay wet on the stove for hours and then tried scrubbing.  That failed.  I tried baking soda, leaving it sit on there wet for at least 4 hours.  That failed.  The gray burner lines were slowly disappearing under a layer of burnt on grime but I had given up.  My next move was to use a razor blade but I was afraid that would permanently remove the gray lines so I decided it was better to have them there but not visible, than to accidentally remove them forever.

Then I got the Cleaning Paste and Kitchen Scrub Cloth at A's party.  I found those gray lines again!  Don't get me wrong, it took some scrubbing.  BUT it took less scrubbing with Norwex to get the gunk off than it did with the others to still have a layer remaining.  I went to a friend's house yesterday morning and showed her how the Cleaning Paste could remove the burnt on cheesy sauce from her stove.  She was impressed at how well it worked and there were no chemicals involved.  I wish I had taken pictures because that burnt on cheesy sauce showed up well on the black stove top but I didn't think of it at the time.  So, you'll have to settle for the next best thing, one of the spots on the Kitchen Scrub Cloth.

To get the cloth clean, I put some Norwex Dishwashing Liquid on it, rubbed the spot with another part of the cloth and threw it in the wash.  Now that spot is gone too!

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