Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cleaning Paste - Lasts Forever

One last post about Cleaning Paste for a while.  Those who have used it, LOVE it.  It is not cheap but it will last you a very long time.  My direct upline has been using hers for her home and her 4-6 parties/month for over a year now.  She probably has 1/3 of it left.  She uses if far more often than the average person so, yours will last you for what seems like forever.  It will not dry out as it only becomes a paste when you wipe some up with a damp cloth.

Here is a picture of mine to this point.  I've had it for two months now.  I've used it on my glass-top stove, stainless steel appliances, kitchen sink, and bathtub.  I've also done several demos with it and have hardly made a dent in it.

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