Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cleaning Paste - Rust Spots on Silverware

I keep thinking I'm done posting about Cleaning Paste and then I find another great use for it!

Our silverware frequently get rust spots on them.  I often ignore them and then we have friends or family over for dinner and I'm checking each piece of flatware for rust spots before putting it on the table.  Eventually I decide enough is enough and get the Bar Keepers Friend out and go to town removing the spots.

I keep the Bar Keepers Friend on a high shelf in the pantry (to keep the kids safe) inside of a plastic bag so the white powder doesn't end up everywhere.  It's kind of a pain for me to get it out, hence the reason for so many rust spots.

I decided to try the Cleaning Paste on my silverware instead (which is under my sink so very easy to access).  I got my Enviro Cloth damp, wiped some cleaning paste onto it, and went to town.  It was just as easy to get the spots off with the Cleaning Paste as it was with the Bar Keepers Friend!

Let's compare ingredients.  Cleaning Paste contains marble flour, natural soap, and traces of coconut oil.  It is not poisonous.  You can eat it and not have to go to the ER.  Bar Keepers Friend is made of oxalic acid.   A little research shows that oxalic acid is poisonous.  You will get very sick and could die from eating it.  Thankfully, Cleaning Paste does the same job so I can now throw the Bar Keepers Friend away!  One more thing I don't have to worry about my kids getting into AND I just freed up more space in the pantry.  Love it!

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