Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Mop

The mop is one of the most popular Norwex items.  It is also the most expensive single item we sell BUT it is loaded with features.  I'll confess, I don't mop often and had yet to mop my floor with my Norwex mop.  So I finally gave it a test drive last week.  I started with the superior dry mop pad.  It sticks to the base with just velcro.  
I put the base all to way to one end of the pad so I had a couple inches of dry pad to dust my baseboards as I swept.

The dry pad is made of microfiber and great at picking up all the fine dust that will cause streaks if left behind.

Some of the dirt from my floor.  Lovely.

I then used the rubber brush to brush the dirt and debris into the garbage can.  The dry pad looked clean again so I just hung it in the closet until next time.
Then I got out the wet pad and ran it under a little water, just enough to get it damp.  The wet pad is also antibacterial microfiber, like an enviro cloth.

You can see the sticky spots on the floor.  I'm assuming it was lemonade.

Again, I put the base on all the way to one side.  This gives me space for my toe to add a little extra scrubbing pressure to any spots on the floor.

This is what the wet pad looked like when I was all done.  Hmmm.  I should probably mop more often.

And somewhere on this section of floor is where the sticky spots were.  Yay!  They're gone!

Here is what else the mop does very well.  The pads have good corners for getting into all the nooks and crannies.

The handle lays flat making it easy to clean under your furniture.

The handle can also be easily adjusted from 39 inches to 63 inches long.

There is a lock feature on the mop so the head doesn't swivel from side to side.  This is great for cleaning walls.  Or there are the Mop Base Brackets (sold separately) that allows you to put an Enviro Cloth or Window Cloth on the base so you can clean windows that are higher up.

It's easy to see why this mop is loved by so many!

The mop comes in two sizes.  The Large Superior Mop Starter is  6" x 19".  A great size if you have a lot of flooring to clean.  If you have a smaller section of flooring to clean, you can probably get by with the Superior Mini Mop which is  5" x 12".

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