Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sanira Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Last week I mentioned that I'd talk more about the Norwex toilet bowl cleaner.  Exciting, huh?  Have you ever actually read the back of your toilet bowl cleaner bottle?  Did you know you are supposed to use 6 oz. to disinfect your toilet?  And you wouldn't dream of leaving it somewhere that your kids could get into it.

Here is a quick $$$ comparison.  The Norwex Sanira Refill costs $18.99.  If you cleaned 2 toilets/week with it, it would last 1 year.  I checked the price of toilet bowl cleaner at the store yesterday.  The average bottle cost $1.97.  To clean 2 toilets/week, a bottle will last 2 weeks.  That's it, 2 weeks!  So, at 2 bottles a month, you end up spending $47.28/year on toilet bowl cleaner.  Now think about adding 24 bottles of toilet bowl cleaner to the nearest landfill.  Oh, and don't forget, you need to leave it sit in there for 10 min. before it really does anything.  Oh, and don't let the kids get a hold of that bottle, it's poisonous.  Oh, and it takes 30 days for the solution to break down.

The Norwex Sanira toilet cleaning solution is vegetable based and not poisonous.  Yes, your kids could eat it and you wouldn't have to rush them to the ER.  The solution breaks down within 48 hrs.  The refill is on the right hand side of the picture above.  It fits into the bottom of the brush system.  You simply press down on the brush for 4 seconds and that causes the solution to enter the brush.  You're ready to go to town!  For a year! (Unless you clean more than 2 toilets/week.)

I have been using it and it works great.  At least as good as the other stuff from the store.  I was using Clorox Tough Stain Remover because we have some build-up along the water line in our toilets.  The Clorox didn't work on that.  I think it's probably lime so I'm going to try the descaler on that sometime.  (I'm just not a fan of getting close to the toilet so I haven't tried it yet.)

One common complaint with this system is the design of the brush.  It's flat on the bottom which takes some getting used to.  But, it doesn't contain any metal parts.  I know many people who have had theirs for at least 2 years and the brush is still like new.  The bristles are designed to shed water to avoid bacteria growth.  The solution is also safe for use with septic systems.

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