Thursday, August 30, 2012

Business Opportunity Details

At conference, we were told that there are currently only 15,000 Norwex consultants in the US!  Jen, my sponsor, shared these numbers to give you a comparison:
Avon: 6.5 Million sales people
Mary Kay: 2.4 Million sales people
Tupperware: 2.6 Million sales people
Scentsy: 170,000 sales people
Pampered Chef: 65,000 sales people
PartyLite: 63,000 sales people

People often ask me if the market is saturated with Norwex consultants.  You can clearly see there is room for much growth.  Most of my parties consist of 1-2 people who have Norwex products, 1-2 who have heard of Norwex but don't have any products, and 3-5 who hadn't heard of Norwex until they were invited to the party.  Obviously, there are still a LOT of people to educate about cleaning without chemicals out there.  We need help!

Here is a letter I give to anyone interested in learning more about the business opportunity:
Thank you for considering Norwex as a business opportunity!  I never thought I would be doing home parties.  I went to a party my friend had invited me to and learned about Norwex products.  Once I started using them, I realized how wonderful they were.  I started removing the chemical bottles from my home (which also means I no longer have to worry about my kids getting into them).  I quickly decided I wanted to try selling these products because I truly believe they can improve people’s lives.

As a Norwex consultant you have the flexibility to set your own hours.  You decide how much you want to work and when.  Sales for an average party are $500-$600.  You get 35% commission so you can make an average of $175 per party or more!  For each party you will spend about 2 hrs. doing the party (setup, party, orders), 1-2 hrs. communicating with the hostess, submitting the order, and sending any final documents to the hostess.  That’s it!  You’re starter kit is free, with qualifying orders.  See the What’s in your Business Starter Kit? sheet for more details.  With the commission from my launch party and my hostess gifts, I did not spend any money on product to get myself going.

You can expect to receive a lot of support and have a variety of resources at your disposal if you join my team.  I belong to a team called Planet Green Team.  It is the number one team in the country.  We have consultants across the country so team meeting are broadcast over the web for those who are not local.  There is monthly training for new members and for those starting to build a team of their own.  We have monthly team meetings and Norwex Corporate also hosts several webinars each month.  Our team has a team website full of documents and information to get you started.  We also have Google and facebook groups where you can ask questions of the whole team.  You will not be left to fend for yourself, we are all here to support you!

So how do you get started?  First, contact me with any questions.  Once you’ve decided you want to go ahead, work with me to schedule your launch party.  I will do the presentation (unless you really want to) but you will receive the commission AND hostess rewards!  I had an average sized launch party and was able to get more than enough product to start hosting parties (see picture below).  A week before your launch party, you will need to fax in your paper work.  In about 24 hrs. you will have a consultant # and your starter kit will be on its way! 

I am always available for any questions you may have.  Please don’t hesitate to call or email me.

Christie Steinbock

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rubber Brush - Cat Hair on Furniture

I have two cats.  One of them loves sleeping on the top of my hope chest.  

Yuck!  That's a lot of hair.

I used the rubber brush to "wipe" the hair into a pile.  Then I could just pick up the piles of hair and had a clean hope chest again!

The  rubber brush also works great to clean a dirty mop pad.  Just brush the debris into the garbage can and your mop pad is ready to use again without washing each time!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blue Diamond - Penny and Faucet Handle

Blue Diamond All-In-One Bathroom Cleaner is one of the new products announced this month.  My bottle of it arrived on Monday.
At conference they showed us the penny demo below.  Put a drop of Blue Diamond on a dirty penny and it'll remove all the tarnish.

But, I have yet to find a reason to clean my pennies.  They either get spent or go to the bank, so I headed for the bathroom.
I recently felt something crusty along the underside of this water handle.  I turned it half a turn so I could see what had built up down yonder.  It was a nice spot of mineral build-up.

I put a few drops of Blue Diamond on it and let it sit for 5 minutes. 
With the help of the scrubby portion of the Bathroom Scrub Mitt, it easily came off.

Would the Descaler have done the same thing?  Yes.  Both are meant to remove mineral build-up.  The Blue Diamond is a gel so it stayed in place better than the Descaler would have.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tile Mop Pad - Slate Tile Floor in Bathroom

One of the new products is the Tile Mop Pad.  I was quite excited about this as I have slate tile in my bathroom.  If you know anything about slate, you know how textured it is.  I never tried mopping it with my regular wet mop pad because that seems too flat to get into the grooves of the tile.

The teal strips are microfiber and the blue strips are scrubby nylon.  I tried to get a picture that showed the texture of the mop but it didn't work.  You'll just have to take my word that it's got some depth to it to get into the tile grooves and the grout lines.

First I used it dry.  You can see the hair that it found behind the toilet.  Yuck.  I did see it remove things from the grout grooves.  It doesn't pick up bigger "chunks" but the microfiber does pick up the finer dirt.  I just pushed the bigger chunks into a pile and cleaned them up when I was done.

I used the rubber brush to remove the hair.  Now it's ready to go again.
I took the pad off and got it wet.  Since I was using it on tile, I got it wetter than I would the regular wet mop pad.  I went to town.  I was impressed with how well it could get into the tile grooves.  I no longer have to get on my hands and knees to clean my bathroom floor!

I would not recommend using this pad on hardwood floors.  The nylon could scratch the floors.  For hardwood floors, you are better off with the Wet Mop Pad.  But the Tile Mop Pad is fantastic for tile!

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Descaler - Bathroom Sink Drain

Time for another amazing product post!  The Descaler

The previous owner left poor Linda with a lot of mineral build-up on her bathroom fixtures.

Here is some build-up in one of her bathroom sinks.

First I tried the Cleaning Paste and Kitchen Scrub Cloth.  Here is something that the Cleaning Paste didn't work well on.  Guess that's why Norwex developed the Descaler.

I sprayed it on and let it sit for a few minutes.  Then I used an Enviro Cloth to wipe it clean!  It really didn't take an effort to wipe away the build-up.

Some of the new products will be arriving early next week.  Check back for posts using those products!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Norwex Microfiber: 1/200th the Size of Human Hair!

Norwex has always known that their microfiber was at least 1/100th the size of a human hair.  They knew it was smaller than that, but didn't have the studies to prove it.  In the last year they have done studies on the microfiber and found it to be between 1/200th & 1/250th the size of a human hair!  Half the size they originally believed!  That is why Norwex microfiber works so well.  It is so small that it can get into all those tiny grooves that we can't feel on our surfaces.  It then lifts up EVERYTHING and hangs on to it. 

Here is a picture showing how the microfiber picks up everything from the surface and then holds onto it.

This is a picture if a piece of magnified Norwex microfiber.  From home office: "Microfiber vs. cleaning agents - Microfiber's non-abrasive wedge-shaped "cutting edges" are so fine they cut through dirt and grease and trap the waste within the fibers leaving a clean, streak-free and scratch-free surface. With conventional cloths, chemical cleaning agents are needed to breakup the surface tension holding dirt to the surface. By comparison, wedge-shaped split microfibers form tiny "cutting edges" that penetrate the dirt films to remove even microscopic dust and help eliminate the need for chemicals."

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

USAToday: Pregnant Women Rife with Chemicals

Bjorn Nicholaisen, Chairman of Norwex, shared some sobering information with us.  By the time I left conference, I vowed to remove any remaining chemicals from my home.  Thankfully, there aren't many left. 

One statistic shown was the rate of cancer.  At the time of the US Revolution the rate for cancer was 1 in 87,000.  Today it is 1 in 3.  Now some of this can be attributed to the fact that we live longer today thanks to advances in medicine, but can we attribute the whole increase?  I don't think so.

Another thing Bjorn shared is an article printed in USAToday in January 2011.  Here is the link to it and here is the text:

Pregnant women rife with chemicals
Pregnant women take elaborate steps to protect their babies' health, following doctors' orders to avoid alcohol, caffeine, tobacco — even soft cheeses and deli meats.

In spite of these efforts, a new study shows the typical pregnant woman has dozens of potentially toxic or even cancer-causing chemicals in her body — including ingredients found in flame retardants and rocket fuel.

Almost all 268 women studied had detectable levels of eight types of chemicals in their blood or urine, finds the study, published in today's Environmental Health Perspectives. It analyzed data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These chemicals include certain pesticides, flame retardants, PFCs used in non-stick cookware, phthalates (in many fragrances and plastics), pollution from car exhaust, perchlorate (in rocket fuel) and PCBs, toxic industrial chemicals banned in 1979 that persist in the environment.

Many of these chemicals pass through the placenta and can concentrate in the fetus, says lead author Tracey Woodruff, director of the University of California-San Francisco Program on Reproductive Health and Environment.

Other researchers have discovered some of these chemicals in babies' umbilical cords, Woodruff says.
Some of the chemicals detected in the study have been linked to health problems in other studies.
For example, the Food and Drug Administration has expressed "some concern" that BPA — an estrogen-like ingredient in plastic found in 96% of pregnant women — affects the development of the brain, prostate and behavior in children exposed both before and after birth. Lead and mercury are known to cause brain damage.

The study tested for 163 chemicals. So, as disturbing as the findings are, the study may actually underestimate the number of chemicals circulating through women's bodies, says Sarah Janssen, a senior scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council, an advocacy group. She's concerned that some of these chemicals may act together to cause more damage than they would alone.

The American Chemistry Council, an industry group, says the findings aren't a cause for concern.
"As part of daily life, our bodies naturally absorb organic and man-made chemicals from our environments, and analytical advances now allow researchers to measure exceedingly minute traces of such substances," spokesman Scott Jensen says. Even the CDC notes that the "mere presence of a chemical in the body does not mean that it will cause effects or disease," he says.
Woodruff says she doesn't want to scare pregnant women but Congress may need to pass tougher environmental laws to reduce their exposure.

The study should be a "call to action" to overhaul the main law that regulates chemicals, the Toxic Substances Control Act, which hasn't been updated since 1976, says Andy Igrejas, national campaign director of Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, an advocacy group. Bills to update that law were introduced last year in both houses of Congress.

Monday, August 13, 2012

New Products - 2012!

The new products are now available!  We learned about them at conference so if you have any questions, let me know.

Tile Mop
The Tile Mop attaches to your current mop just like your other mop pads.  It gives you some extra scrub power and with the zig-zag pattern, it can get into the crevices.  It has nylon fibers woven into the microfiber.  Comes for both the large and small mop systems.

Blue Diamond All In One Bathroom Cleaner
Great for cleaning the toilet, tub, counter, sinks, shower, and floors.  It is in a gel form and removes rust, scale, and lime with just a few drops.  It uses organic salts for a tough clean.  It does not contain harsh acids or phosphates.
Timeless Lip Balm
Contains organic coconut oil, aloe, and tea tree oil.  It has a bees wax base.  It does not contain mineral oil or parabens.  It can also be used on cuticles, brush it on eye brows to keep them in place or use it to smooth fly-aways.  So versatile!  And it feels great on your lips!
Naturally Timeless Radiant Eye Cream
Contains apple stem cells and extract from Persian silk trees.  It does not contain any silicone or parabens.  Great for reducing wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness around the delicate eye area.
Teal and Latte Bath Towels
Same great, fast drying, antibacterial bath towels, just in new colors!

Vintage Color Body Pack
Same great body pack but in teal, latte, and beige colors!
Blue & Salmon Kitchen Cloths & Towels
These kitchen cloths and towels have a new pattern and are more durable.  They also absorb more water and can be purchased separately, instead of as a set!
Dish Mat
Use this super absorbent dish mat holds 1.5x its weight in water and dries quickly.  It's made of 3 layers: mesh, foam, and microfiber.  Place on the counter (mesh side up) to dry baby bottles, pots, pans, small loads (so you don't have to run the dishwasher!, and hand wash only items.  Can be folded to store in a drawer or has a loop so it can be hung up between uses.

I will make the online catalog available as soon as I can.  Contact me with any questions!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I had the opportunity to go to MN for the Norwex National Conference this weekend!  It was AMAZING!  So glad I had the opportunity to go.
We had the opportunity to hear from those who built Norwex from the ground up.  What an amazing group of people running our company! 

We learned about the new products.  I will post those as soon as I can.  I also learned some other very exciting things that I can't wait to share in the coming week  Check back soon!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Descaler - Lots of Mineral Buildup on Tub

Just a quick note before I talk about the Descaler.  I will be attending conference this weekend!  Check back next week for a post regarding new products!

This is a story of only partial success.  My friend Linda lives in a beautiful home built in the early 1900s.  They have a claw-foot tub that had a lot of buildup on it when they moved in less than a year ago.

This is years and years of build-up.  Linda did try some other products with no success.

I sprayed the Descaler on and let it sit for 5 minutes.  Then I used the Kitchen Scrub Cloth to scrub it.  

I was able to remove quite a bit of the build-up with several applications of the Descaler.  The rest of it just wouldn't budge though.  I deem this a partial success since Linda had tried a couple of other products and said they didn't work nearly as well as the Descaler.

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For more information on the Descaler and how it works, go to my previous post: Descaler - Mineral Build-Up Around Faucet.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Descaler - Shower Door

Just a quick note before I talk about the Descaler.  I will be attending conference this weekend!  Check back next week for a post regarding new products!

OK, back to Descaler.  I went to visit college friends a couple of weeks ago.  Linda uses Norwex products already but asked me to bring a few things to try.  One thing she wanted to try was the Descaler on her husband's shower.

The shower door is covered with lots of something.

I tried an Enviro Cloth first (on the right side).  That removed a lot of the soap scum build-up but you can still see the mineral build-up left behind.

I sprayed the left side with Descaler.  We waited 5 minutes then wiped it down with an Enviro Cloth.  The Descaler removed all of the soap scum and mineral build-up.
(left side = Descaler, right side = Enviro Cloth only)

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For more information on the Descaler and how it works, go to my previous post: Descaler - Mineral Build-Up Around Faucet.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Norwex Microfiber Picks Up EVERYTHING - Protein Swab Test

I finally got my hands on some protein swabs yesterday.  From the manufacturer's website: A quick and easy way to accurately monitor the cleanliness of food equipment surfaces to help ensure food safety and product quality. This test detects any protein residues left on a surface after cleaning.

So, I "dropped" a raw chicken breast on my counter and wiped part of my counter with it.  Yuck!

Here is the protein swab before a swabbed the counter.

And here it is after I swabbed the counter where the chicken had been.  Purple means the counter is DIRTY.  The darker the purple, the dirtier the surface.

So I got my handy dandy Enviro Cloth wet (with just water) and wiped the counter with it.  I took another swab and swabbed the surface.  You can see this one came out green which means my surface is CLEAN!

The testing doesn't end here though...

Norwex claims their microfiber will hold on to the contaminants it picks up. 

So, I quickly rinsed the cloth under water, rubbed it together then wrung it out.

I wiped my son's highchair tray using the same side of the cloth I had used to wipe up the chicken yuck off of the counter.

I swabbed the tray.  It came out green meaning none of the chicken juice transferred to his highchair when I wiped it with the Enviro Cloth.  

The REAL clean!

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