Monday, September 17, 2012

Crystal Deodorant

It took me a while before I embraced Norwex's Crystal Deodorant.  In the past I had tried nearly every brand of deodorant/antiperspirant on the typical store shelf.  I finally found one where I didn't smell like BO at the end of the day.  I really thought I was going to have to see a doctor for a prescription brand.  Also, the Norwex deodorant sounded a little too high maintenance for me.

Then I started reading about the contents of deodorants and antiperspirants.  I quickly ordered the Norwex Crystal Deodorant after that.  Once I used it successfully for a couple of weeks, I ordered one for my mom too.

Here's the summed up version of the blurb below: Norwex's Crystal Deodorant doesn't contain aluminum that can be absorbed.  Antiperspirants, however, contain aluminum chloride, which are supposed to lodge themselves into your sweat glands.  If you want all the details, read the blurb below.  Otherwise, skip it to read more about my experience with it.

From Norwex's Global Tech Advisor:  "One of the most interesting ingredients used in controlling body odour is a naturally occurring mineral salt called Alunite. Otherwise known as Ammonium alum, this is an abundant earth mineral and, along with other forms of alum, forms about 8% of the earth’s crust. It is found in small quantities in many of the foods we eat, and is considered as very safe in personal care and other external uses. It should be noted that whilst Ammonium alum does contain some aluminium, it is bonded into a molecule that is physically too large to penetrate the skin. This is because the largest molecule that can penetrate the skin has a molecular mass of less than 500 Da, whereas Alunite has a molecular mass of 670 Da - much too large to be able to pass through the skin. Therefore, this ingredient will not block pores nor cause skin irritation in the same way that the aluminium salts mentioned in connection with antiperspirants can.
When Ammonium alum is applied to the skin it acts as a coagulant, constricting protein and thereby reducing the ability of bacteria to thrive. It is not such a powerful antibacterial as some synthetic substances used, but when applied regularly to freshly washed skin it is remarkably effective.
Unlike the molecules of aluminum chloride used in antiperspirants that are designed to lodge themselves in sweat glands, ammonium alum molecules are much too large to be absorbed by the skin."

Now, what you're really wondering is does it work and how long does it last.  I have been remarkably surprised at how well it works.  I started using it at the end of July.  Now, it's been HOT here in IA and I have not had any stink.  

How long does it last?  Well, it'll last a year or so.  Here are some pictures.

These were taken on August 4th, probably a week after I started using it. (I didn't think to take any of it brand new.)
 This one was also taken on August 4th.

This was taken yesterday, on September 16th, 6 weeks after the pictures above.  Still a lot of deodorant left!

Also taken on September 16th.  

Now, as I mentioned before, this is a higher maintenance product.  It will take on a BO smell to it if not wiped down after each use.  It doesn't matter how well you wash or how quickly you apply it after getting out of the shower.  So, I just run it under water, apply under my arms, run it under water again, and wipe it with a corner of my body cloth that is hanging next to the sink.  I also store it with the lid off.  This keeps the odor away.  I've found it to be less of a pain then I originally imagined. 

These extra steps are well worth it to keep any extra gunk out of my body!

You can read my 7 month follow up on the Norwex Crystal Deodorant here.
The crystal deodorant can help you with those itchy mosquito bites too!

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