Thursday, November 8, 2012

Basic Package - Dirty Dirty Windows

I've finally finished up my craft fair items for this weekend so hopefully things lighten up a bit.  There hasn't been much cleaning going on here lately so I'm looking through some old cleaning projects I didn't post before.

We had to get a new front door in August.  Shortly after that, we had to have the front step mudjacked.  The sidelight windows were DIRTY!  I showed you how Norwex microfiber removes butter from windows (and all the other greasy stuff in your kitchen), but what about dirt?

I grabbed my Enviro Cloth and got it wet with water.  Then I grabbed my dry Window Cloth.  That's it.  No spray bottles required.  (These two cloths can be purchased as a set called a Basic Package to save some $!)
I folded the Enviro Cloth twice to give me eight sides to work with.  I wiped down the window with my Enviro Cloth to remove the dirt and grime then wiped it with my dry Window Cloth to get a streak free shine!  Easy as that. 

If I had been feeling ambitious, I could have kept cleaning window with the same set of cloths.  Once all eight sides have been used, simply run the Enviro Cloth under running water.  Rub it against itself and wring out.  Now you're ready to continue cleaning windows, mirrors, counters, cabinets, woodwork, sinks, showers, toilets... you get the idea.

I just want to comment on the upcoming holidays.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE Christmas time but it's already starting to overwhelm me a bit.  October went by in such a blur and now we're well into November.  By now I usually have a list of who I need to buy for and some ideas of what I'm going to get them.  I'm hoping to get a handle on this over the weekend.  Anyway, Norwex makes an excellent gift.  My posts in the next couple of weeks will focus on some great gift ideas.  (The Basic Package makes a fantastic gift!)

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