Thursday, November 29, 2012

What the Heck are Enzymes?

This is something I've been meaning to research for quite some time.  Many of our cleaning products are enzyme based vs. manufactured chemicals.  So, lets figure out what these things are.  (In simple terms.  That's all I'm capable of.)

So, some research tells me that enzymes are a protein that acts as a catalyst.  They help reactions occur about one million times faster than they would without the enzyme.  The enzyme finds the organic material, breaks it down into smaller pieces and the smaller pieces are digested into carbon dioxide and water.  Once the enzyme can't find any more organic material to feed on, it stops working.

 Enzymes occur in nature and we're full of them, it turns out.  They help us digest our food and our blood to clot.  The key is finding the right enzyme for the job.  That is why Norwex has several different enzyme products for different purposes.

Norwex currently has the following enzyme products to help make cleaning easier and safer for you and your family:
Carpet Stain Buster
Oven & Grill Cleaner
Mattress Cleaner
Odour Eliminator
Laundry Pre-Wash
Drain Care

Enzyme products are good for 2 years after you open the bottle.  After that, they'll still work, they just won't be as effective.


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